The CerviaDx Team

Solomon Arman Nabatiyan

Founder & CEO

Solomon is currently a Research Professor and Director of Clinical Technologies in the Department of Internal Medicine at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, investigating the relationship between natural human immunity and the development of cancer.

He has published many scientific papers and is the inventor of several US patents. He received his Bachelors of Science at the University of Illinois in cellular and molecular biology, his master’s degree in Neurophysiology at the University of Cambridge in England and his PhD at the University of Cambridge in cancer cell biology. His PhD adviser, Prof. John Gurdon, received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2012. After receiving his PhD, he was a lecturer and research fellow at the Department of Oncology/Genome Damage and Stability Center at Sussex University in England. There he did research in cancer genetics relating to oxidative damage of genetic material and mechanisms of epigenetic change leading to cancer formation in cervical and bladder tissue. He then moved back to the Chicago area where he took up a post for five years at Northwestern University as a Research Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

He was recently elected to the USA’s Who’s Who in Science and Engineering and is policy advisor to Illinois representative Daniel Biss on state-wide initiatives on entrepreneurship and innovation. His policy recommendations led to introduction of legislation (Senate Bill 107) into the state assembly in June 2011 that unanimously passed the House and Senate floors and expanded the Technology Development Account (TDA), authorizing the State Treasurer to allocate $64 Million of the Treasurer’s investment portfolio in Illinois venture capital funds. He is also a poet of 5 published volumes that follow an Eastern theme of mediation and inner harmony. For more on the poetry, please visit

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DaveDavid Rose

Chief Operating Officer

David joined CerviaDx in 2012 after being recruited for leading the media management and financial operations of the company. He joins us from a background in computer software and IT development for various firms throughout greater Chicago. David is also a successful entrepreneur of several businesses including Go Computers as well as an accomplished song-writer, singer and musician with numerous popular singles to his credit. He earned his bachelor’s of science degree in computer science from the University of Illinois and currently lives in Wheeling.

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Arzu Karimova

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

In early summer of 2008 my world shattered when I received the horrible news that I had precancerous growth in my cervix. The earth moved under my feet as I learned that I might be positive for the human papillomavirus (HPV) which causes cervical cancer. I later discovered that there is a huge stigma around HPV since it is sexually transmitted although 80% of population is positive for at least one strain. Like other women, at first I felt defeated. But after a few second opinions from other doctors, I quickly realized that those doctors took my initial Pap smear results that diagnosed my cervical abnormality at face value. Based strictly on reviewing those Pap results (instead of seeking to repeat them), all the doctors I visited suggested removing large portion of my cervix, which could have led to infertility or pregnancy complications. None of the doctors suggested repeating the Pap smear test except for the last one I consulted with. This last doctor has been my gynecologist since then and essentially has spared my life of unneeded suffering. I just got lucky. Since then I have added new words into my vocabulary such as carcinoma, colposcopy, LEEP, HSIL and cone biopsy. As I researched further about Pap smear tests and the diagnostic technique behind it, it became clear that I was misled to believe that Pap smears are fool-proof in detecting pre-cancerous lesions.

I am involved with this project because I want to help all women by enabling CerviaDx Innovations to achieve its mission of developing a new molecular diagnostic for screening of cervical cancer. It is time to bring precision to diagnosis as it relates to women’s health. As an online marketer, I have led and been part of numerous national and international companies’ online marketing strategies and implementation teams. The Internet is changing and shaping businesses by giving people access to wide audiences to voice their opinions freely and openly and empowering them to demand compliance to their needs. CerviaDx will not only bring precision to cervical cancer diagnosis but also allow otherwise uninsured women to have access to cancer screening as it will lower the cost of testing significantly from $100 to $5. One day this product will allow millions of women around the globe with no current access or infrastructure for care to get tested and treated.

Prior to my marketing career, I was part of numerous international youth organizations. I am also a founding member of Global Action Youth Network (GYAN) that encourages collaboration among youth organizations and helps maximize the collective impact of youth activism around the world. Today GYAN is the most active site on the Internet for young social leaders. I am proud that I was part of the launch of GYAN. Above all I believe in the extraordinary lives of ordinary people.


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